The Priestess - also known as the temple keeper, the initiate, the chalice, the shaman, the witch, the holy woman, the seer, the psychic, the Virgo / Aquarius and others.

  • For:  the integrity to create and hold space so that others may connect with themselves and the Divine; communication beyond the veils, especially regarding one's community.
  • Anoint:  your throat chakra, or wherever feels right.
  • Components:  organic jojoba oil, essential oils and CO2 extracts including Angelica root.
  • Aroma:  common and rare, with notes of sacred herb and awareness.


The Girl Child - also known as the innocent, the light maiden, Spring Persephone, the scout, the fairy, the dancer, the Buddy, the mischief-maker, the pre-menarche, the birthday girl, the Aries and others...

  • For:  maintaining the wonder of the world; remembering to play with all your heart; when you need joy and play as medicine.
  • Anoint:  where happiness springs forth, or wherever feels right. Components:  organic jojoba oil, essential oils including lavender.
  • Aroma:  clear and happy, with notes of Sunny herbs and flowers, light, and yellow.


The Tantrika - also known as the lover, Venus, Aphrodite, the sacred prostitute, the holy whore, the Scorpio / Libra, the siren, the Magdalene, the Dakini and others...

  • For:  support when using the art of love for healing and transformation; attracting healthy and magical love, opening to the big Divine love, and enlivening the seat of creativity.
  • Anoint:  the sacral chakra (Svadhisthana / sweetness) or wherever feels right.
  • Components:  organic jojoba oil, essential oils, attars and absolutes.
  • Aroma:  sweet and resinous with intoxicating notes of spice, night-blooming flowers, and love making


The Queen -also known as the creatrix, the manifesto, the mother, the boss, the visionary, the empress, the spokesperson, the queen bee, the exalted, Hera, Cleopatra, her majesty and others...

  • For:  fortitude while manifesting a vision, strength to hold unwavering space, heart strength, benevolent leadership.
  • Anoint:  the heart chakra (anahata) or wherever feels right.
  • Components:  organic jojoba oil and essential oils including rose otto and ginger.
  • Aroma:  depth in fire, with notes of green, herb and regal flower


The Warrior - Also known as the guardian, the Amazon, The Lion mother, The protector, Grace O'Malley, Diana, the pirate, Kali, the badass, the cowgirl, the punk rocker, Bodicea and others...

  • For:  bravery, resilience and sharp focus in the face of battle; rising to face what challenges you, identifying ally vs. Saboteur.
  • Anoint.. The solar plexus chakra (Manipura / lustrous jewel) or wherever feels right.
  • Components:  organic jojoba oil, essential oils including peppermint.
  • Aroma:  bracing and bold, with notes of mint, lime green and ferocity.


The Mermaid - Also known as the dark maiden, the young shaman, autumn persephone, she who dives deep, the adolescent, menarche, the siren, the scorpio / sagittarius, independence, and others...

  • For:  courage and strength when securing uncharted waters; bravery beyond the veils; distinguishing co-dependence from Independence.
  • Anoint:  tail or gills, or whatever feels right.
  • Components:  organic jojoba oil, essential oils including clary sage.
  • Aroma:  green and weird, with notes of brine, fluidity and magic.


The Wisdom Keeper - Also known as the medicine woman, the healer, the shaman, the witch, the sage, the elder, the teacher, the guide, the coach, the fairy god mother, the pices, and others...

  • For:  Remembering that you know, without needing to know why or how you know; patience to share your knowledge; divine confidence.
  • Anoint:  The crown chakra (thousandfold lotus) or wherever feels right. Components:  organic jojoba oil, essential oils including Palo Santo
  • Aroma:  mystikal and transporting, with notes of wood, smoke and ceremony

Archetype Oils by River Island Apothecary