"The plants have enough spirit to transform our limited vision."  

- Rosemary Gladstar 


🌿Each seasonally wildcrafted smoke bundle is foraged, harvested, and crafted with love in southern Appalachia out of the understanding that everywhere there is wildness, there is blessing, there is healing medicine.🌹


To use : Have a special ceramic, shell, stone or flameproof container at the ready. Find a quiet center inside you. Light the end of your herb bundle over a candle or match, blow any flame out and place over your fireproof surface. Set your intention or prayer and allow to smoke, or "smudge." It will often go out on it's own after a few seconds or a minute. You can relight as much as you want and burn intensively, or savor your bundle little by little over weeks or even months. You may find it useful to unwind the twine as you go, allowing more airflow between the leaves and plants. 


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Appalachian Sacred Smoke

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Appalachian Sacred Smoke Bundles