Beeswax is a natural air purifier by releasing an amplitude of negative ions into the air. These negative ions are helpful against allergies and sensitivities and are harmonizing to our system.  Each Bohemian Beauty Beeswax Candle is infused with a blend of pure essential oils to further balance oneself and their environment. Handmade and poured in 4oz amber glass travel jars. Choose from the following blends.....

CALM - Bergamot / Palmarosa / Ylang Ylang (find peace and calm with this synergistic soothing blend)

CENTER - Cedarwood / Vetiver / Palo-Santo (become centered and focused or use to assist in meditation)

CLEAR - Juniper / Sage / Lemon (clear negative energies and cleanse the air with this blend similar to smudging)


Aroma Bee Candle

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