) ( stone & mineral essence descriptions : 2019 ) (

original writings by chanelle a. bergeron moon by moon apothecary

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∞ abalone

(Haliotis rufescens) this essence was made in savannah/ga at the stroke of midnight on 13.march, 2016 until the sun came up that morning. it was made with a small bit of abalone shell that i found along the shores of the california coast. abalone essence is for conversing with the mother tongue: it connects us to the primordial place we all come from. it is about listening: like putting a shell up to your ear to hear the ocean inside, reminding us that we are connected to the vast rhythm of the world, the deep waters of the seas, the pearls of wisdom held within. abalone helps us ebb, flow, & break with the waves. it has an affinity for the soft spots in us: tendon, tissue, smooth muscle, the guts, uterus, tongue: all things encased & protected by the bones of the body. especially for empathic & sensitive people, this essence helps us to protect the soft & vulnerable places within, shield them, build a beautiful & opalescent layer over our internal landscape, even reaching so far as to address the deepest, oldest of irritations which set off the formation of pearls to begin with


∞ amethyst

this essence was made in savannah/ga on the night of 08.february, 2016 while the new moon was in aquarius. amethyst essence provides clarity: of vision, intention, mental space, & of consciousness. like a cool stream, it clears the mind that is foggy, too full, unfocused, or closed off/has a blind spot to the perspectives or experiences of others. it helps us to perceive things as they are, from a distance & with perspective, easing swarming thoughts & inspiring focus. it keeps our heads cool, calm, & collected allowing for true sight & understanding to emerge from within us. amethyst encourages us to envision & realize our dreams via setting clear, potent intentions that guide our will


∞ basalt

this essence was made in the late morning of october 20, 2017, fresh out of a new moon in libra. basalt is known as lava stone because it formed from molten lava that solidified quickly under intense heat & pressure, it has a strong association with the magic & medicine of a volcano’s presence & power. this essence is very deep, connective to the earth, time, & slow formation making it quite transformative. it helps us to stop the constant flow & instead focus on yielding into form. gives a rest/break so that we can experience the culmination of our work. basalt is porous, open, honest. it aids us in the process of melting, merging, melding, & mending


∞ carnelian

this essence was made as the new moon passed from pisces into aries in march, 2018. carnelian is a stone of warmth, joy, confidence, health, motivation, & creativity. this essence feeds our inner fire, it nurtures us from the inside out, from the soul onwards. this essence is like an ember that won’t go out, helping to fuel & light our ways, even when we feel the way is dark, uncertain, or full of shadow. carnelian bolsters us, imbues us with bravery, energizes us, helps us to transmute through fire, & free ourselves as we transform from one form to the next. like the myth of the salamander who is renewed by fire, this essence rejuvenates & fills us with the fire of life


∞ chain of gold (out of stock)

 made while the sun & moon were in taurus on the night of the 26th of april until sunrise the following morning. this essence surrounds us in halo, a golden ring of light. it thus allows us to feel the radiating warmth & joy of life, to feel energized & filled with creativeallows us to feel the radiating warmth & joy of life, to feel energized & filled with creative inspiration. reminds us of our own inner wealth, restores our reserves, brings us into contact with our personal strength & endurance. also connects us to our ability to manifest our desires into reality, to feel confidant to shine, to nourish an unbreakable spirit


∞ citrine

made in savannah/ga while the new moon was in aries on 18.april, 2015. it sat on my windowsill all afternoon soaking up the sun. an essence that tends to & brings our solar plexus into balance. it is energizing, invigorating, & helps us to build our personal strength & vitality. it feeds our reserves, bolsters our confidence, & instills courage. it is an essence of initiation & beginnings, but also of restoration. it helps us that if we don't take the time to take of ourselves, then nothing will really get done. gives us the motivation to put things in motion, but it also helps us to rest when we seemingly can't slow down or tend to our own needs. inspiration & pause. inhale & exhale. the fine line between creative force & running one's self into the ground. it keeps our fire in check, so that it doesn't all go out at once, but rather burns steady

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