) ( stone & mineral essence descriptions : 2019 ) (

original writings by chanelle a. bergeron moon by moon apothecary

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∞ double clear quartz

made with two pieces of clear quartz on the vernal equinox of 2017. it was left outside to soak in the sunny day, the birdsong, & the spring breeze. i rang a bell over it & then allowed it to sunbathe from late morning until late afternoon. clear quartz is by far one of the most versatile stones & can be used in a myriad of ways: in a pinch, clear quartz can be used as a substitute for any other quartz relative. this essence is deeply & fervently renewing, cleansing, clarifying, & directive. like a crisp breeze & the first waters running free from under the ice


∞ emerald

made throughout the entire day, until sunset, on the summer solstice of 2016 in raleigh/nc with two pieces of raw emerald, surrounded by all the greens of the plant life which thrives under the midsummer sun. saint hildegard von bingen once said, “all the green of nature is concentrated within the emerald,” which i believe speaks much to the essence itself. it is an essence that captures the lushness of life—the pulsing, growing, vibrant collective which we & the rest of the world’s creatures are part of. it is harmonious, celebratory, expansive, & inspiring. at its core, it is a heart medicine & is the heart’s song. in this essence is the great rallying call to life: “the green of growing things” as translated from the sanskrit name for emerald, marakata. teaches us about living in balance & harmony with self, another, the world at large. imbues freshness of spirit, vitality, & reverence. additionally, brings that same sense of love & reverence to the user, especially in regards to self-esteem, confidence, & compassion towards the self. nurtures the heart & imparts the energy of friendship, love, loyalty, & domestic bliss to partnerships


∞ herkimer diamond

this essence was made on the summer solstice of 2015 in savannah/ga. it is known as the "stone of attunement" & acts as such in the body. like a ray of light, it helps to clarify our desires & how we express those desires; inspires movement through places in the mind that are stuck or blocked; energizes us, encourages us to put ourselves "out there". clears the way of things which aren't working so we can accept new ways, perspectives, or gifts. a celebration of our light & how we share it with others: like a prism, dispersing our inner light out into the world


∞ labradorite

this hypnotic stone was made into an essence in october, 2017. there is a myth that tells of the creation of labradorite: that it fell from its place in the northern lights to become the stone as we know it. this essence is a deep & oceanic song. it swaddles us in its mysterious waters, holds us down in the very seat of ourselves, & yet gives us such an expansive vision of the stars... of the night sky, filled with the otherworldly light of the aurora borealis. magical, yes. thus this essence connects us to our inner magic, the hidden thing, the consciousness we have underneath our waking worlds---that of dreams & reflection. it allows us to acknowledge & interpret the synchronicities that connect us to a greater sense of knowing in our day to day lives


∞ malachite & morning rain

this essence was made with a small piece of malachite on a night early in august & was left outside where it collected the next morning's rain. it is refreshing & sends a ripple effect of this freshness throughout the entire body. it is about following the topography of the heart: following its path, like tracing the rings of a tree. it aids us in transformation while reminding us to hold onto what is important to us. re-instills our inner beliefs as we transition from one form to the next. strengthens our sense of faith when we feel it is being tested, when we feel under pressure


∞ obsidian

made on the new moon in aries on 27.march, 2017 until the following morning in raleigh/nc. obsidian is a natural form of glass. this essence is helpful for surrendering into the dark—for going through the looking glass. it is very protective & grounding, so there is an element of feeling supported & having a foundation even as we traverse the deep. helps us to face our shadows & connect to the underworld. aids us as we align with our most authentic/truest selves, with our purpose. encourages us to bring this out & into the light 

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