) ( stone & mineral essence descriptions : 2019 ) (

original writings by chanelle a. bergeron moon by moon apothecary

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∞ pyrite & ice

made on the first day of aquarius season, under the peak of a total lunar eclipse in leo, during the last few hours of 20.january, into the first hour of 21.january, 2019 with two pieces of pyrite. regal, powerful, strong, & steady, this protective essence allows for our hearts to shine forth, illuminating the way ahead, radiating our true intentions outward. this essence helps to melt away false pretenses, old vestiges of self, & to clarify purpose. it is all heart & lungs, inspiring our actions with courage & bravery, pushing us to step up & fulfill our unique work in the world. where we have turned cold, this essence will thaw; who we have become, this essence will radiate. it reminds us that we are strong enough to carry ourselves in life, that it is just as important to center our needs as it is to be open & generous. pyrite & ice will dissolve untruths, nurture & protect our inner wealth, & help us to step into our power. a perfect essence for calling in the energies & people most aligned with us, reminding us to be selective about who is invited into our circles


∞ rhodochrosite

made with sea song & root over a few days & nights in december 2015 while the sagittarius moon sat up in the savannah/ga sky. this is a remedy for the feeling of home-sickness & for the feelings associated with it: wanderlust, or for missing out on something. for that type of feeling you can't quite put your finger on, but that sits in the gut. helps us to feel at home in the world at large, to appreciate & nourish ourselves/the body we have a home in as well as the physical location we may be in. puts the earth under our feet, settles the stomach, instills self-compassion, & broadens our perception of home


∞ rose quartz

/ nola this rose quartz essence was made in new orleans on 14.march, 2015 at the maypop herb shop. it is heart medicine & deeply healing---it softens us, yet helps us to have & create strong boundaries. it is patient yet it also pushes us. it teaches us openness, tenderness, & that it is okay to cry. it reaches to our very core, our heart of hearts, & says, "sit, rest awhile, be here, you are safe". it reminds us to exhale, & gently pushes us forward. because it has so many calming, soothing, grounding, & loving qualities to it, i use it as a kind of rescue remedy, for both acute & chronic trauma, to relieve stress, for panic attacks, & as a general panacea for emotional strife


∞ selenite

made in savannah/ga on the night of 20.january, 15 while the new moon was in aquarius on the lunar imbolc, until the following day. selenite is a milky white stone named for selene the goddess of the moon & is actually soluble in water. selenite essence shows us the mirror image, the congruency, the way we meet in the middle. allows us to sit in the in-between, to converse with this balance point. it is the reflection of the moon in the still darkness of the lake water: helping us understand that which we can't consciously grasp/hold: the riddle of the sphinxes. inspires us to meditate, reflect, & tune into our internal landscapes. selenite is like a mirror. it is helps us truly reflect on our internal worlds, our past, & the intricacies of who we are/where we are at in our life at this moment so that we can more clearly see where & who we want to be in the future


∞ smokey quartz

(dark & stormy) this essence was made at 5.00 in the morning on the full lunar eclipse in aries on the 8th of october, 2014 in jamestown/ri at beavertail & at mackeral cove. the smokey quartz was washed in sea water & rolled in sand; the jar caught a bit of rain water from the thunderstorm overhead. this essence is about conflict resolution -- helping us to resolve conflict within ourselves &/or with others. it is about balance between the the binaries; about helping us reach equilibrium & to become level with the horizon. it reminds us we need not look so hard/fight too much to see the answer: that even a a glimpse provides us with clarity & knowing. an anchor, a storm, & the calm after it. insight depsite the clouds which may be covering. also protective, harmonizing--- allows us to do our work under the cover of the smokey veil this stone provides. felt in the torso & the muscles of the lower back


∞ tektite

made under the new moon in scorpio, november 2017, in raleigh/nc. tektite or inkstone is a naturally-formed silicate glass, thought to have been made by a meteorite’s impact on the earth, whose heat melted the soil & stone around it & upon cooling created tektites. it was said that this stone would make a ringing sound when hit with raindrops, & that it belonged to the thundergods. this essence is about ringing clear. imagine that upon taking it, you get to clear away your internal landscape, that it will wash away whatever does not ring true for you. it reminds us that we have the ability to start fresh from a clean slate, to transfigure, to re-draw our lives so that they may align with our innermost desires. for rising from the ash that has freshly fallen from the stars


∞ turquoise

made under the full strawberry moon in sagittarius on 09.june, 2017 until the following morning in raleigh, nc. it was placed in the smallest drinking glass i have: a cordial cup, & thus has become the smallest essence i have ever made—a reflection of the rarity of this stone, which is currently on the verge of extinction from over-harvesting. this is an essence of remembrance & expansion. clarity of purpose, in communication, envisioning, & perspective. helps us to make room inside of ourselves to imagine the impossible as possible; that we can create our reality by simply dreaming it. it is both intricate, in the details & expansive: a reminder of the rarity of the planet we live on in the vastness of the universe, as well as the rarity of you living on this singular planet held in the palm of an unfathomable universe. helps us to not take our planet or ourselves for granted: reminds us to cherish the earth we live on & the unique body that you live in. protective, soothing, & full of movement



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