The story of Juniper Bay by Staci of Juniper Bay Metals:

Having grown up the daughter of a waterman in rural, coastal North Carolina, I often heard my father and his friends speaking of fishing spots. Juniper Bay was one such place and the name always resonated. I like the way it feels, the imagery it conjures.

Juniper Bay is part of the Pamlico Sound and the Swan Quarter National Wildlife Refuge, a pristine, largely untouched salt-water marsh and woodland area along the Inner Banks of NC. The bay and its bordering marshland are a thriving habitat for sea life and migratory waterfowl.


Every piece is handcrafted, by me, in my small studio in Raleigh, NC. Starting with both raw and refined materials I utilize multiple processes to handcraft each piece of jewelry. Forging, fabrication, casting, chasing, and stone-setting are some of the techniques found in my work.

Much time and care is given to each creation with beauty, composition, wearability, and quality being of utmost importance.

Juniper Bay Metals