Medicine County Herbs Mission Statement:

Our Mission...
Years of living in the forest has a profound effect. When folks ask us about our off-the-grid land project, they often ask what changes we have made to the land. We are more interested in how the land has changed us. Our vocation arose from the lessons of the forest and the garden. As herbalists, we live between worlds; we spend much of our time with plants, and then bring the medicine we find there to the world of people. Our mission is to bridge this gap, to help re-integrate these worlds. Humanity, once deeply aware of our interdependence with Nature, is rapidly losing this consciousness. The delusion that we are separate from the web of life has allowed a catastrophic economic system to rise and dominate the Earth. We view participation in Nature as integral to individual as well as societal healing. We take a broad view of holistic health. The term “holistic” refers to the whole organism, and we believe this organism does not end at the boundary of our own skins. It extends to our families, our communities, our society and our planet. We are in the midst of a health crisis at each of these levels.

All the work that we do, whether developing and gardening our land, working with clients to improve their health, or teaching the arts of herbalism, is guided by the same set of ethics: listening to Nature and going with its flows, radically including and serving people who encounter barriers to getting help or education elsewhere, and striving to create egalitarian environments where everyone is equally valued and feels empowered to participate.

Medicine County Herbs

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