A note from Medicine County Herbs:

Making medicine was one of our first herbal passions, and the apothecary gets bigger every year. We learned our skills from the masters of the art, and we craft high-quality and potent tinctures, salves, and dried herbs for tea.


All the work that we do, whether developing and gardening our land, working with clients to improve their health, or teaching the arts of herbalism, is guided by the same set of ethics: listening to Nature and going with its flows, radically including and serving people who encounter barriers to getting help or education elsewhere, and striving to create egalitarian environments where everyone is equally valued and feels empowered to participate.



FEEL GOOD CORDIAL:  milky oats, rose, kava kava, damiana, cardamom, honey. instills sense of well being, brightens mood, eases tension, depression and anxiety.


RELAX : OUT OF STOCK milky oat seed, passionflower, wood betony. calms the mind & relaxes the body. great for sleep, anxiety, nervous agitation.


INVINCIBLE SUMMER:   st. john’s wort, lemon balm, rose. ―In the depth of winter I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.‖ –Albert Camus. for sadness, depression, the blues. elevates mood, restores confidence.


SLEEP TIGHT:  OUT OF STOCK catnip, skullcap, kava kava, california poppy, wood betony. to promote a restful sleep.


IMMUNE BOOST :   echinacea, myrrh, usnea, spilanthes. quick boost to immunity at onset or fear of illness. also a topical antiseptic.


ALLERGY RELIEF:  OUT OF STOCK  ragweed, yerba santa, bayberry. for relief of hay fever, runny, stuffy nose, sneezing. also good for congestion & runny nose from the common cold. 


CRAMP EASE:   cramp bark, black cohosh, wild yam, angelica, motherwort. for relief of menstrual cramps.


CLEAR MIND:   gotu kola, holy basil, bacopa, calamus, licorice. improves concentration & mental clarity. good for studying, creating. helps dispel ―brain fog‖ from marijuana use or any other cause.


HEART HEAL:   mimosa tree bark, hawthorn flower buds & berries, rose petals. for ―broken hearts‖, grief, deep sadness. aids in recovery from unresolved grief, PTSD, depression, fear.


SMOKE BREAK:   skullcap, milky oat seed, lobelia. for relief of nicotine cravings. soothes nervous irritability.


HOT FLASH:  OUT OF STOCK  motherwort, black cohosh, vitex, dong quai, bugleweed, licorice. for relief of menopausal hot flashes. 


LOVE BUZZ:   damiana, maca, muira puama, wood betony, rose water, honey, brandy. a delicious cordial to arouse & delight the sensual faculties. (no one-ounce bottles)

Medicine County Herbs TINCTURES 2 oz