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Milk Street Soap is always organic and meticulously sourced. We aim for our ingredients to be sustainably grown and harvested, fair trade, animal kind, and biodegradable. Every bar is made and packaged by our local Ocracoke folk. We like to think of our soap in 3 ways:

1. A Good Base. After years of testing, sniffing, bathing, playing, learning and experimenting we have created a fantastically luxurious, lathery and long-lasting soap. Each bar is super-fatted with Shea Butter and Castor Oil to leave skin healthy and protected. Our bathers can pronounce and may have even eaten all the ingredients in our bars (well, we hope not the lye—that's the soap salt that makes it all come together).

2. Shower Bloom. It is said that smell is the most powerful sense. We can't help but agree. Our soap doesn't just clean skin—it nurtures, replenishes and rejuvenates through what we like to call "shower bloom." When hot water and steam hit our bars, the super-scent power of essential oils unfold to uplift, clarify and deliver a rich sense of joy.

3. Old Wisdom Care. At Milk Street, we believe that the sage teachings of past generations are a resurgent need in modern living. In a better-than-fiction twist of Fate, we uncovered an old family journal of healing remedies from the 1900s while cleaning the garage. We have blended these time-tested recipes with premium essential oils and fresh nutrients like honey, goat's milk and fresh juices to create a simple, kind and tactile approach to skin health. As you will find, there can be great magic in lather.

~Kim & Roger Meachum

Milk Street Soap