Green Tea Citrus Slimmer - Staying at a healthy weight is part of ongoing lifestyle maintenance once you’ve completed your cleanse. This blend combines organic green tea and lemon to boost your metabolism.* Cold brew this delicious, gently caffeinated tea and sip it throughout the day to sustain your energy and zip. The caffeine and polyphenols in green tea help burn calories, making for an easy partner in weight management. Enjoy this tasty zero-calorie daily treat!

Sweet Lullaby - Let the hustle & bustle of the day melt away with each sip of this organic sleepy tea brewed in your favorite mug. This naturally caffeine-free herbal blend with valerian root was conceived with bedtime zzz's in mind. Valerian is historically known to be one of nature's sedatives with anti-anxiety properties, thought to remedy insomnia and migraines since ancient Greek & Roman times.* The potent flavor of valerian is complemented by the mouthwatering boldness of hibiscus, spicy ginger notes, & naturally sweet licorice root. You'll be sleeping like a baby with a little help from Sweet Lullaby.

Chill Out - Tart hibiscus petals are sweetened with licorice root, and peppermint leaves add a refreshing touch. Together these three simple ingredients create a well-rounded, full-bodied, truly refreshing brew. Because it’s naturally caffeine-free, Chill Out offers a pure way to rehydrate any time of day. You can enjoy this naturally sweet drink without feeling guilty about calories or sugar - just kick back and chill out! Simply cold brew for 10-15 minutes in chilled or room temperature water.

Smokejumper Ginger - For an invigorating wakeup, our Organic Smokejumper Ginger is the way to go. This spicy blend of lapsang souchong and ginger root jumps right out of the cup and into the morning air. Its sharp ginger highlights and smoky backbone blend perfectly into a flavor you’ve yet to experience!

Organic Herbal Tea Blends

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